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Missionari di San Carlo – Scalabriniani Comunicato stampa

MAY 16 2016 by SIMN

La Commissione europea sembrava voler rivedere il Regolamento di Dublino III sull’accesso dei richiedenti asilo in Europa. La sera del 4 maggio scorso, a Bruxelles, essa ha deluso le attese, ignorando le proposte di un sistema di asilo europeo centralizzato e l’apertura di canali legali e sicuri di arrivo, proposte presentate in Parlamento. La Commissione resta ferma sullo status quo, non superando l’obbligo del migrante di chiedere asilo nel primo paese di accesso, procedimento che ha portato sei Stati membri - tra i quali l’Italia - a ricevere l’80% delle richieste. E intanto, in queste ore, nel Mediterraneo aumentano le intercettazioni di barconi carichi di migranti.

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Holy See Mission Hosting Major Event Against Human Trafficking at UN Headquarter on April 7, 2016

APR 07 2016 by SIMN

The President of the UN General Assembly of the United Nations of the General Assembly, Mr. Mogens Lykketoft, Cardinal Vincent Nichols of Westminster, Independent UK Anti–Slavery Commissioner Kevin Hyland and Academy–Award Winning Actress Mira Sorvino will be the keynote speakers at a major conference being sponsored by the Permanent Observer Mission of the Holy See to the United Nations on April 7.

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Europe "walled up and alive" is a pure illusion

FEV 29 2016 by SIMN

Thousands of refugees arriving every day, too large flow openings that, gradually, you are closing, leaving hopeless people - adults, women and children - blocked to wait.

The worried closure of the passages by the countries located on the external front of European Union, is far away from being a solution to the threat posed by the huge human tide on the move, but it could also open the real possibility that the route move to west to the border with Albania; from there across the road right to the coast, to the usual bargaining with the smugglers, finally landing in Puglia. In European summits that is the topic of the day, if it is true that Germany, Austria and neighboring Balkanians already in October 2015 had reasoned to increase controls at the greek-Albanian border crossing. The worry is also spread to Italy which strengthened the contrast in the sea, off the coast of Puglia, combined with the fact of meetings initiated between Italian authorities and those of Albania and Montenegro.

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Hope Border Institute and Center for Migration Studies Host Symposium in Honor of Pope Francis’s Visit to US-Mexico Border

FEV 12 2016 by CMS

EL PASO, TX – On February 12th, the Center for Migration Studies of New York (CMS) and the Hope Border Institute (HBI) will host “Pope Francis Crossing Borders: Catholic Teaching, National Sovereignty, and the Right to Migrate,” an event in honor of Pope Francis’s upcoming visit to the US-Mexico border. Following a 15-minute press conference, the Most Reverend Mark J. Seitz, Bishop of El Paso, will open with a keynote address entitled “Strangers No Longer: Renewing Hope.” Two panel discussions will follow: The first will examine church teaching on national sovereignty in the context of the right of persons to migrate; and the second will feature service providers sharing best practices in welcoming migrants and integrating them into local communities. 

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