New book launched, aims to support political awareness on migration in the U.S..

27/06/2014 by SIMN


This book provides a comprehensive analysis on migratory flows to the United States, and closely examines migration laws and policies throughout the country’s history. Furthermore, included in the book is the study of civil society’s increased participation in the design and implementation of new migration laws in the country. This study, prepared by expert researchers in this subject, objectively illustrates the history of migration in the U.S., as well as the challenges that have always been present in the definition and implementation of migration policies, such as the difficulties of reaching consensus on public policies addressing migrants’ needs. At the same time, further difficulties include achieving this in context with economic development and social progress. 

“It is very satisfying for us, as an institution that advocates f or the human dignity of migrants globally, to be able to offer such a detailed report, one that can continue raising awareness among decision makers for governments and civil “society about the necessary measures to protect the rights of millions of vulnerable migrants. This type of report brings to awarenesssocial and political actors through rigorous scientific methodology, which is necessary for practical and ethical decisions on migration.” Father Leonir Chiarello, Executive Director of SIMN