Now it is a question of humanity…

28/08/2015 by SIMN


Missionaries of St. Charles - Scalabrinians

Press release

Now it is a question of humanity…

Of 400 people aboard a boat sunk last night off the city of Zuwara on the Libyan coast, only 201 have been rescued at the time, but it is feared that the others died, trapped in the sunk hull. 

The umpteenth tragedies of the sea that media agencies report daily, just as last night’s and once again, are, beside what has already been said with disdain by anyone working alongside migrants and refugees, an insult to the intelligence of every human being: no one can pretend anymore that this is not happening, no one can say anymore: “I did not know”! It is urgent, although I fear to think it’s late, that everyone, especially those who hold institutional positions, recognize the uniqueness and preciousness of each human life while working in the common social and political action, doing everything is possible, and once for all, so that who is looking for a future and often for a refuge, for himself and their loved ones, can find it; so that who chooses with pain to leave his/her house, because there is no other alternative, should not lose the only thing left, his/her own human existence.

These are the words expressed by Fr. Alessandro Gazzola, Superior General of the Missionaries of St. Charles - Scalabrinians, once he learned, last night, the latest news coming from the waters near Zuwara, not far from Tunisia, where, according to media sources, two boats sank, the second of them with a “human cargo” of more than 400 people, half of them probably dead.