SIMN was established by the Congregation of the Missionaries of Saint Charles, Scalabrinians, to coordinate advocacy and fundraising initiatives at the service of all the pastoral fields and services of the Congregation.

The pastoral fields are the positions where the Scalabrinian missionaries deal actively with migrants, refugees, displaced people, seafarers and others affected by human mobility. They are Personal and Interethnic Parishes; Ethnic Missions and Chaplaincies; the Apostleship of the Sea; leadership in Ecclesial Organisms; Centers for Migrants, Casas del Migrante and other apostolic works such as Orphanages, Refugee Camps, Schools, Day Care Centers, Nursing Homes.

The pastoral services (Centers of Study, SIMI, Mass Media and SIMN) are active in the following forms of social, charitable and communication ministry: research, the production and the diffusion of qualified information; management formation; human and social sensitization and development; political input; representation and search for financial resources.